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Stephen Hinds

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Stephen Hinds is Professor of Classics at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is the author of The Metamorphosis of Persephone: Ovid and the Self-Conscious Muse (Cambridge 1987) and Allusion and Intertext: Dynamics of Appropriation in Roman Poetry (Cambridge 1998). With Denis Feeney, he co-founded and co-edited the Cambridge book series Roman Literature and its Contexts (13 volumes, with the final title forthcoming in 2015). Among his most recent articles are ‘Seneca’s Ovidian loci’ (2011), 'Claudianism in the De Raptu Proserpinae' (2013) and 'The Self-conscious Cento' (2014); details in the pdf CV linked to the research tab. A project in progress, with the working title Poetry across Languages, involves exploration of the cross-linguistic and intercultural relations of Latin literature, both in antiquity and between antiquity and (early) modernity. More longstanding commitments include a Cambridge ‘green and yellow’ commentary on Ovid, Tristia 1. His page on academia.edu offers access to some work in progress, along with a few less readily accessible items among his recent publications.